Chapter Meeting Time:

Every Thursday Evening
8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
(North end) Chubbuck

Annual Show

Saturday March 20, 2010
Jensen Grand Concert Hall

Vocal Point

Vocal Point

What is the Idaho Gateway Chorus?

The Idaho Gateway Chorus is a men’s chorus committed to achieving excellence in the performance of four part a cappella vocal music. We are an official chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the four part harmony style of the American Barbershop Quartet. We sing a variety of unaccompanied four-part vocal styles including jazz, doo-wop, gospel, and barbershop. We provide musical performance, education, and service to the Southeastern Idaho area communities

Friday, December 25, 2009

Up Coming Events

Saturday March 20th 7:35PM
Jensen Grand Concert Hall
Featuring Vocal Point
Presented by Idaho Gateway Chorus
Also appearing Vocal Mischief

Who belongs to the Idaho Gateway Chorus?

The members of the Idaho Gateway Chorus are a group of men with a wide range of singing skills who enjoy four part a cappella singing and want to learn more about singing, harmonizing and performing. Our members range from age 10 up and come from all walks of life, with one thing in common — we love to SING and PERFORM.

Do I have to be able to read music?
It certainly helps, but many men find they can memorize their notes by listening to CDs and practicing the songs at the weekly chapter meetings.

How do I benefit?
Remember the fun you used to have while singing? We’re still having it! The pure joy of performing four part harmony and meeting with friends are the greatest benefits of membership. It’s been said that no one can be unhappy while singing, and our members seem to believe it! The recapturing and advancement of singing skills gives members a feeling of accomplishment. Performance for audiences is extremely gratifying when the work of rehearsal brings out a collective sound that sweeps the audience of its feet! None of us makes any money out of it — in fact, we pay money to be members. We just do it because we love to sing!
The International Barbershop Society arranges and publishes music, books, CDs, and videos which are available to members. The Society hosts a week long music education seminar at the Missouri Western University in St. Joseph Missouri, Scholar ships are available for vocal music educators. The Society also hosts annual conventions on the district and the international levels, where quartets and choruses like ours have the opportunity to compete in good fellowship and learn to improve our singing and performance skills. Finally, we find special satisfaction hearing the applause of an audience.
You’ll enjoy making new friends and joining them in song!

The chorus performs for businesses and conventions, for service clubs and at civic gatherings. We host and participate in community shows and performances. We bring a smile to shut-ins, people at rest homes and hospitals. We bring enjoyment to senior citizen centers, and help raise funds for worthy causes

How does the Idaho Gateway Chorus serve the community?
We bring social and musical harmony to the community by singing for community events and organizations.

How much time will membership involve?
Members meet each week on Thursday evening for rehearsals throughout the year, and we perform in public about once a month. Members occasionally travel out of town events for musical training. Many members also find three other members with a desire to form a quartet. In that case, you can decide just how much time you will want to spend having fun singing together

How do I join?
First, attend at least three meetings as our guest and try singing with the chorus. Then, you may feel you are ready to audition for membership.

How do I audition for membership?
Interested men are encouraged to fill out an application. Meeting privately with the director, you will be asked to match several musical pitches. You will be asked to sing a portion of a song or songs rehearsed during your first three visits. If you demonstrate an ability to sing in correct time and on pitch, you can become part of the singing chorus. It’s as simple as that!

What do I get with membership?
Annual membership dues include a subscription to the Society’s official publication, The Harmonizer, and fees to finance chapter, district, and international operations. New members receive music and learning tapes, and a special kit from the international office containing a membership certificate, free music, informative booklets, and more.